Florida Scarf Website {review}

Florida Scarf Websites

A review from Sarah C. Geraci, the brains and heart behind Florida Scarf (if you’re looking for beautifully unique accessories, look no further than Florida Scarf!):

It is not easy to start a blog or make a basic webpage, without creating an inconsequential crumb of Internet space. As the world gets seemingly smaller, the web that ties it together grows. I am now on my third website; fashioned this time by Decoro Vita Design. It has been my experience that you can’t just slap something together using a general template and expect it to be a place where visitors will want to stay or revisit. It is imperative to have a dynamic web presence; no matter your reason for being accessed on the Internet.
As the owner of a small creative business, I keep very busy. In a lifestyle such as mine I need serious prioritization. I don’t have the time, or resources to also design my own space on the Internet to showcase what I do. This is why I came to Decoro Vita Design. I am pleased to report that this firm efficiently combined my interests, along with the personality of my company, and served them up in a manner that is attractive and cohesive.

Laura Ferioli put to rest any misconception I had about working with designers. Most importantly, she did not over-charge and under-deliver. She simply gave me what I wanted. She listened to me until she understood my ideas, and executed them in a timely fashion.
Working with Laura on my website has been quite gratifying. I am grateful to her, and her design firm, for the stature to which it has brought my online presence. And as much as our work together was about the end result, it was also quite a long journey. From the initial days to the final days, to the fact that Laura continues to be there for me if I need Internet assistance, the customer service was equally as pleasing to me as my new website.

I am thankful for the hours we spent working out small details. It was important to me that my objectives be met, but also the personality of the business (and my personal style) be appropriately translated. I found that she was willing to do things, over and over, in order to get them right. She is not afraid to make mistakes. She understands that it is in those mistakes that you learn, not only more about your customer, but more about your own profession. Laura works hard. She studies and does her research. She is up on trends; both in society and in technology.
I find Decoro Vita Design to be a company rooted in honesty, creativity, and workmanship. There is no detail to small, and no customer inconsiderable. Laura isn’t just good with computers; she is great with people too. And she is an artist; thus her work is unique, refreshing, and as close to perfection as can be. I am extremely confident in my relationship with this firm and will continue to complete all of my business projects through it.

Sarah C. Geraci
Florida Scarf