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About Decoro Vita Design

Looking to learn more about Decoro Vita Design? Well, you’ve come to the right place! “Decoro Vita” roughly translates to “Decorating Life” in Italian, and decorating life through design is what I do. Decoro Vita Design was born back in 2011. Upon graduating college in 2004, I began working in the corporate design field and by 2010, I had made the transition into becoming a full-time freelance graphic designer—I’ve never looked back. Working with businesses of all sizes, I specialize in logo, print, and web design.

Connecting with my clients and producing a design that suits them perfectly is something that I pride myself in. The ability to give each client the one-on-one attention that they deserve, and to ensure their complete satisfaction, is my favorite part about freelancing. I make my own rules, and rule number one is: Don’t stop until the client is happy!

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A Little Bit About Me (Laura)

Growing up Art class was always my favorite. My Dad, who was a talented illustrator and painter, would sit down with me to teach me drawing techniques at a pretty early age. I really enjoy all aspects of art and design and I always knew that I wanted a career in the Arts. Graphic Design seemed like a pretty smart choice for me considering my love for design and my interest in computers.

I’m currently calling Colorado “home” but, Massachusetts is my “real home”. Ever since marrying my husband, who was a pilot in the Army, I’ve called three other states (Alabama, Texas, and Colorado) and one other country (Japan) “home”. Home, no matter where it is, is a happy and fun place with my awesome husband, two hilarious cats (Tia and Jean Claude Alberto Thomba—or Thomba for short). When I’m not working at my day job at a local outdoor gear store or in front of my computer designing, my husband and I are usually out enjoying all Colorado has to offer! We love rock-climbing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, backpacking/camping, and ice climbing. If you’d like to read about our travels and check out my other passion (photography), I invite you to visit my blog.

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